Wet & Forget

Phone: 03 547 3157
Address: 217 Queen Street Richmond

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Wet&Forget has a unique range of products scientifically formulated to make your life easier. Our products work... you don't! 

Wet & Forget - Moss, Mould, Algae & Lichen Remover
Rapid Application - Moss, Mould, Algae & Lichen Remover
Wet & Forget Indoor Mould + Mildew Sanitizing Cleaner
Shower Witch
Tiger's Paw - Shower Glass Restorer
Hitman Concentrate
Hitman Ready To Use
Chopper Weed Concentrate
Chopper Weed Ready To Use
Miss Muffet's Revenge
Bugga Off
Ants In Ya Pants
Puss Off 
Wheelie Bin Wash
Hit The Deck
Bone Dry
Seafood Soup
Seaweed Tea
Salt Shaker Boat & Trailer Wash
Salt Shaker Fishing Tackle Wash
BEE Range - Environmentally Friendly household cleaning products
Marolex range of Garden Sprayers and accessories
Warpaint Anti Fouling