PAK'nSAVE Richmond

Phone: 03 544 8658
Address: Richmond Mall, 216 Queen St, Richmond


At PAK’nSAVE our Policy is to provide New Zealand's lowest food prices. Visit our website:

Company Overview

PAK'nSAVE follows a food warehouse format unique to New Zealand supermarket shopping. We buy and stock a range of everyday basic products in bulk, and because we can do this in such large volumes it means that we can pass the savings on to you, in the form of New Zealand's lowest overall food prices.

You'll always find great Bonus Buys in-store - we pride ourselves on getting the best deals by taking advantage of opportunities to negotiate in the marketplace.

In our stores, we offer a practical and functional environment with wide aisles, where the grocery items are stacked on the shelf in their boxes so that it's easy to shop, and there are lots of checkouts to get you on your way as quickly as possible.

Because we reduce our costs by these methods, we can pass the savings directly on to you, without reducing the quality of the products we offer. You only need to check out our fresh food departments to find great quality fruit and vegetables, meat, seafood, deli and bakery items, all at competitively low prices.