Olive Estate Lifestyle Village

Phone: 0800 825 565
Address: 2c Lakehouse Cres, Richmond

Olive Estate.jpg

Moving to Olive Estate means having it your way, every day. Olive Estate has the latest appliances, sparkling new bathrooms, temperature control and just the right amount of room to move. Spaces designed for modern living inside and out, and freedom to choose how you spend your day.

You will be able to come and go as it suits – with parking at the door and the absolute ease of ‘lock up and leave’. Olive Estate provides the option to be as active or relaxed as you choose, with acres of outdoors, a host of opportunities and the rest of the region right at your door. There is company for when you want it, and privacy for when you don’t. Moving up to Olive Estate means all those ‘one day’ wishes become part of your every day.