Just Gym

Phone: 03 546 6013
Address: Richmond Town Hall, 9 Cambridge St, Richmond

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Linda and Steve Mace run Just Gym, and offer gymnastics based movement classes for children, starting with Tumble Tots for crawling babies through to Tumbling classes for 11-13 year olds.

Linda Mace – Principal Coach (right): “Gymnastics has been a part of my life since I was 7 years old. With my husband Steve we currently run our own business Just Gym Ltd, providing gym classes for young children; including children who have learning difficulties.

We believe getting your child active is vitally important. Being active increases co ordination as important neural pathways are developed in the brain, gives confidence as they attempt new skills and find they are achievable, and creates a lifelong interest in physical exercise which is great for overall health.

As a gymnast Linda was involved in display gymnastics, recreational gym classes, competed in rhythmical gymnastics and was part of cheerleading teams for Top Town teams. Her coaching career began as a 12 year old coaching some recreational gymnasts. Since then Linda has coached both Mens and Womens competitive gymnasts, recreational gymnasts including young babies through to Adults and has held national judging qualifications. Gymnasts who first started their gym classes with Linda have gone on to be national champions.

Over the years, Linda has gained many gymnastics qualifications which include coaching and judging certificates to level 2. Linda has presented for Gymsports NZ and holds a current first aid certificate.