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Address: 3 Wensley Rd, Richmond

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fieldGO is a market leading Enterprise Mobility Solution (EMS) software company known for it’s fully configurable, highly flexible and very scale-able enterprise mobility platform used by local government, utilities and contractors alike.

The fieldGO EMS addresses the difficulties of delivering mobile software with potentially multiple different requirements. Unlike many standalone or business silo focused mobile systems, the fieldGO EMS provides a comprehensive, long-term approach to deploying business level mobility requirements across an organisation.

fieldGO’s cross-platform support considerations are often a big driver behind using the EMS solution – with the ability to deliver the solution to multiple mobile devices (including smart phones, tablets, notebooks and ruggedized handhelds) with no changes to the underlying business logic.

The fieldGO software is often best for companies that wish to deploy multiple business requirements on a single infrastructure, scaled to the size of their current mobile field force and fully available in both online and offline mode.