Benge & Co Green Grocers

Phone: 03 544 9001
Address: 184-186 Queen Street, Richmond

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Fresh fruit and vegetables hand picked for you each day to provide the best taste, quality and value - and available to you in store with friendly staff that care about our produce and your experience.

'Benji' (owner Colin Benge) is at the local markets while most of us are still snoozing, around 4am each morning. He looks over the produce for you, making sure we send the freshest and the best quality produce to the stores each morning for you to select. He will taste the produce to make sure you get the best tasting (well...maybe he doesn't taste the raw kumara and parsnip but he will certainly check it over). Benji also sources directly from local growers and is constantly working to ensure you have the best possible availability of the produce you love.

Sometimes it isn't the shiniest or most perfect fruit that tastes the most delicious. We go for tasty and delicious produce that will last well and provide you value. 

Who would feel like they had got a bargain if their cheap broccoli goes off in the fridge after a day? You tell us that you don't and that's why you love visiting us for your fruit and veges (thanks for that by the way), because you get value, taste and quality that lasts.... oh and you appreciate the friendly staff too.

Benji isn't afraid to be fussy - he works hard to get your good quality and tasty produce. Why should you have to weed out the great produce from the average and the bad....we take care of that for you. 

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