PAK’nSAVE Richmond Santa Parade

24th November 2019

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Walking or Vehicle? PLEASE NOTE: The parade with run with floats gathering in Edward Street and making their way down Queen Street, turning right into McIndoe Place and then into the Pietre-Harkness Carpark. PLEASE HAVE YOUR DRIVER CHECK THIS ROUTE BEFOREHAND. For vehicles - 1 walker per wheel is required.
What are your plans for the parade? Type/size of the vehicle and approx number of people.
Please Note: Floats must not contain anything of a sensitive or offensive nature and must depict a theme suitable for young children ie - no alcohol, nudity, explicit displays.
Contact Person:
Contact Person:
We agree to send a representative to the briefing meeting *
This will be held on Monday 18th November, 6pm, at the Richmond Town Hall (Meeting Room 1). You will be required to sign a liability waiver (can be done prior).
We would like to be contacted regarding float options available to hire
Minimal cost from the Nelson Santa Parade Trust.